Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine is passionate about the power of our stories and equipping the next generation to know the value of their voice.


001 The Firehouse Dream with Jasmine Lopez

May 21, 2021
Jasmine Lopez

The Firehouse Dream with Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine Lopez is the type of person that will change your life, flip your frown upside down and make you believe in yourself within about 48 seconds of meeting her.

In this episode, Jasmine chats with Robert about growing up Latina in Chicago, how that shaped her early perspectives, how she redefined her community and what she's doing today with her husband Jeremy at The Firehouse Dream.

Through their visionary nonprofit, Jasmine & co are showing up and showing out by delivering creative resources to kids and teens in their community who would otherwise be left out. Regardless of how many walls of adversity were faced, Jasmine’s resolve and her love for Jesus and people has kept her going.

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